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The Total Calories Burned During Exercise Calculator

This Calories Burned Calculator uses the formula from the Journal of Sports Science to calculate the total number of calories you burn during exercise based on your gender, age, weight, and duration of exercise. It's much more accurate than those exercise calculator that calculate based on activity, aince it's how hard you go at it the exercise that is a huge factor in calories burned.

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The Calories Burned Formula

The read outs of calories burned provided by treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, and cardio equipment are just estimates. Most of these machines aren't sophisticated enough to factor in your age, height, weight, and other individual variables. That makes it hard to known just how many calories you burned during your exercise.

One of the more accurate ways to calculate calories burned is to use the calorie expenditure formula from the Journal of Sports Sciences that accounts for age, weight, gender, duration, and effort.

Calories burned formual for men:

Calories Burned = ((Age In Years x .2017) + (Weight in kg x 0.1988) + (Heartbeats per minute x .6309) - 55.0969) x Time in Minutes / 4.184
Calories burned formual for women:
Calories Burned = ((Age In Years x 0.074) + (Weight in kg x 0.1263) + (Heartbeats per minute x 0.4472) - 20.4022) x Time in Minutes / 4.184
The calculator automatically converts your weight from pounds to kilograms.


Here's the results I'd get as a 50 year old male weighing 185 pounds exercising for 30 minutes at an average heart rate of 140:
Calories Burned = ((50 x .2017) + (84 x .1988) + (140 x .6309) - 55.0969) x (30/4.184)
Calories Burned = ((10.085) + (16.6992) + (88.326) - 55.0969) x (7.17)
Calories Burned = 26.5975 x 7.17
Calories Burned = 429.7